43º 28′ 34″ N / 8º 14′ 54″ W

Located on the Atlantic coast in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, Ferrol is an ideal port of call on all routes passing through the Atlantic.
The Port of Ferrol has excellent communications (road, rail and air). With its sheltered waters and easy access, it can accommodate large cruise ships all year round.
Cruise ship docks are only a few metres away from the sports harbour with its many cafés and terraces, and only 1 km from the city centre. A shuttle bus or taxi service takes passengers directly from the port to the city centre.


PORTO - 179 nautical miles 17.9Nautical miles
BILBAO - 253 nautical miles 25.3Nautical miles
LISBON - 328 nautical miles 32.8Nautical miles
BORDEAUX - 350 nautical miles 35.0Nautical miles
SOUTHAMPTON - 543 nautical miles 54.3Nautical miles
CADIZ - 573 nautical miles 57.3Nautical miles
DUBLIN - 599 nautical miles 59.9Nautical miles
DOVER - 621 nautical miles 62.1Nautical miles
CASABLANCA -637 nautical miles 63.7Nautical miles
AMSTERDAM - 828 nautical miles 82.8Nautical miles
TENERIFE - 998 nautical miles 99.8Nautical miles
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